Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Diary of 5.

I am seeing... The computer screen
I am hearing... The fans blowing and a song that is going round my head.
I am smelling... The remains of supper.
I have tasted... Sausage Veggie Grill.
I am feeling... Sore from all the wood stacking.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Collage of photos and words

080078030027021019 018008001007Caty's Photos 063

So many small thing have happened around here that I decided to put them into a blog post.
I guess I will start with the garden.
No this is not computer generated. I made this my self!
Here are my kitchen renovation photos:
132162161 160159 156155152150147145 144141140137136134 133130129 128125124123122121 120119118117116
Here is a link to my Mom's blog. She has a more detailed post about what happened.  BUT I took the photos! Not fair huh?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A trip to RI.

Caty's Photos 003
The couples.
Caty's Photos 050
The group.
Caty's Photos 008

Caty's Photos 010

Caty's Photos 029

Caty's Photos 030
Water through the bushes.
Caty's Photos 015

Caty's Photos 005

Caty's Photos 048
A quiet path all alone. Where one's mind can wander freely.
Caty's Photos 037

Caty's Photos 032

Caty's Photos 035

Caty's Photos 038

Caty's Photos 042
Down on the rocks.  As I am not in my middle  forties to sixties, and being a little more courageous than the rest, I didn't hesitate to get down on the rocks. Oh and I must add my brother went too. I think it was partly not to be out-done by his big sister and and partly because he didn't want to be left with the older people.

And just previewing this, I realize I haven't put any water photos in yet.
So here they are.
 Caty's Photos 044

Caty's Photos 043

Caty's Photos 036

Caty's Photos 047

Caty's Photos 026

Caty's Photos 016
I think the first two are looking out to Little Compton.