Friday, December 14, 2012

More beading

10:13 pm. The night owl strikes again! :) ( The night owl being me.) Mom will probably blow a cork at the time but I will be good and not post it until morning. Some how it is easier to right at night and on my phone, and be funny. All that being said, I will get to the funny part.
I was beading tonight and made a necklace using some wire I have never used before, and I am not sure I like. But oh well... Dad saw it and thought he could make it better without much hassle. So I let him try. It took almost all my pliers and all Dads patients , and a lot of light. And I nearly blew a cork laughing.
The big event happened on my Mom and Dad's bed. My Brother was holding the flashlight. I was holding the clasp. And Dad was trying to get the wire through the crimp bead. In about 15 minuets later, I had popped my cork laughing, my brother took one look at Me and snorted. Dad was at the point of blowing a cork in frustration, and the ''Doggone-wire'' was still not through the crimp bead! "MAN does that wire spring!" I said. As Dad almost got it through the crimp bead only to have it spring back up again. Dad was now good and frustrated! And told me to hold the clasp, but I was laughing so hard, I was shaking. And I could not for the life of me hold the clasp still. My brother was snorting and laughfing so hard he could not hold the flashlight still.  Dad was getting red in the face, and still the wire would not go through the crimp bead, and stay there. Finely about another 15 minuets later the wire was through the crimp bead. And Dad was able to crimp the crimp bead. YES! So all in all. It took us 30 minuets. And it proved a lot harder than Dad thought. Ha ha. I knew from the beginning that the wire was hard to work with. But now I must close it up because it is 10:59 pm. There are no photos this time sorry.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


10:08 pm. And if I spit out another post at this hour Mom will have a heart attack. So I won't publish it tonight but I will right it. ( I am a night owl and Mom is most definitely NOT.)
All that being said, I will get down to the real stuff.
I have been beading again.
And I made two magnetic bracelets and necklaces. I will tell you those were fun to make.
My brother made me a bracelet ( with my help) but the idea was his and the pattern was his. All I did was give him my brand new bead spinner, seed beads, and thread. And well as my hands when he needed them.  ( No I did not cut them off.)
 OK photos in the morning. It is 10:26 pm.

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Here are some of the photos that I took of the magnetic beaded necklaces.

Last week and Monday this week.

Ok posting from my phone.
Here are a few photos from last week and this week.
The drink I have in my lap is a smoothy from one of our favorite smoothy places.
The next photo is of my home town on Monday. Or maybe it is "where is my home town?"
And for now that's all I think.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Diary of 5.

I am seeing...  Lego, cookbooks, and a water jug.
I am hearing...  My brother talking.
I am smelling... Normal smells.
I have tasted...  Nachos.
I am feeling... Wide awake and a bit lonely.

Caty's Photos 369

Monday, November 12, 2012

Diary of 5

I am seeing...  Dad getting ready to go out hunting.
I am hearing...  The seasonal hullabaloo that goes along with it.
I am smelling... Normal smells.
I have tasted...  Eggs and toast.
I am feeling... Lonely.

Deer tracks

The last photos of vacation.
Mom and I were walking down a gravel road, when I spotted the deer tracks. Well at least that's what I think they are. There were a lot of hunters out during the week we were there.

It had been raining the day before, so the ground was soft.
Overall it was a nice day, although my brother was sick most of the day, and Mom was away with a friend all morning, so I was left to take care of my brother.
Here are some more photos but not of deer tracks.
No, this is not water. This is sky.

And the sun shining through a tree.

Post Vacation Photos

More post vacation photos.
A tree starting to change color.
Looking down a path.

Leaves on the ground.
Looking down a field.

The sun and the clouds.

Campfire with friends, by far my favorite night.

In the jungle

No it is just post vacation. And we went to Blank Park  Zoo.
Here are some photos.
Red Panda outside.

Penguins. I have 7 in the photo but there was more.
Prairie Dogs.

Giraffes. I think there was 6 all together, but I am not sure.
I can't quite remember what this is, but here's the photo any way.
I think this is a Harbor Seal.

Phew. It missed me!
One big tortoise .
Black swans.

Assorted fish and starfish. And I think some kind poison dart frog.

And this is some kind of bird but I'm not sure what kind.