Thursday, December 13, 2012


10:08 pm. And if I spit out another post at this hour Mom will have a heart attack. So I won't publish it tonight but I will right it. ( I am a night owl and Mom is most definitely NOT.)
All that being said, I will get down to the real stuff.
I have been beading again.
And I made two magnetic bracelets and necklaces. I will tell you those were fun to make.
My brother made me a bracelet ( with my help) but the idea was his and the pattern was his. All I did was give him my brand new bead spinner, seed beads, and thread. And well as my hands when he needed them.  ( No I did not cut them off.)
 OK photos in the morning. It is 10:26 pm.

Caty's photos 002 Caty's photos 009 Caty's photos 010 Caty's photos 011 Caty's photos 013 Caty's photos 014 Caty's photos 025
Here are some of the photos that I took of the magnetic beaded necklaces.

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