Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Can’t The Car Unlock? And Why Can’t The Car Alarm Stop?

Our family has a 1998 Chevrolet Astro van.
It all started when we were in RI. Dad’s keyless remote entry device started to fail. Then it became a serious problem. His keyless remote entry device stopped altogether. Dad thought that he could get in the car with the car alarm on with just the key. But when he pulled the door handle, the alarm went off. It was a hilarious and most embarrassing site- Dad putting groceries in the back of the van and every time he put his hand on anything connected to the van the alarm would go off. Once Dad and my brother who was with him, got in the van, the alarm went off every time Dad did something. It went off when Dad started the engine. It went off when Dad put the van in gear. It went off when Dad pushed the gas pedal. It went off when Dad pushed the brake. It stopped for a while when the van was at an intersection, but when Dad put the indicator on, it went off again. So there we were, driving through downtown Owen Sound with our car alarm going off and off and off. Everyone knew by the look on our faces that it was our car and we had just messed up getting in. We finally got to the shop where Mom and I were waiting. I said I could hear them long before I could see them and my brother guessed that would be true. The van stopped, and we opened the doors to get in…and the alarm went off again.  I hopped in, pulled the door shut, and Mom turned the alarm off…and opened the door..and the alarm went off…shut the door, turned it off….opened the door….you get the picture.  This time Mom said, “Turn off the engine!”  She shuts the door, Dad shut off the engine, and Mom opened the door….and the alarm started again.  Then Mom said, as she was shutting the door, “Take the key out!” And Dad said “Lock the door then unlock it.” Then Mom locked the door, turned off the alarm, unlocked the door, opened it, and this time were was—SILENCE !  (Except for the series of beeps indicating that someone had set off the alarm!)

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