Saturday, April 20, 2013


I was in Scotland for 2 weeks.
We didn't get to do any sight-seeing, but we did get some family history shoved into our minds.  Dad sorted loads of old photos, and we saw some really old black and white ones of great and great-great relatives.
Well we had a good time.  I did a lot of knitting and a once a day run around 11:30 in the morning. It took some getting used to, because people drive on the other side of the road from Canada and the US. But it was fun.
The only thing that was really worth writing home about was the fox we saw in Grandma's backyard. Oh and I must not forget to say, I went shopping with Mom and Aunt Dot. We had fun.  The other thing Aunt Dot did with us (us meaning Boo and I) was take us out, we went to D'Lish (a restaurant) and to a park of which I can't remember the name, and to do errands for Grandma. On these excursions we listened to a group Aunt Dot sings in called Praise Gathering. Here is the link to the CD we were listening to: 'This is our God!'
Now here are the photos.
Caty's photos 423

Caty's photos 427

Caty's photos 431

Caty's photos 434

Caty's photos 436

Caty's photos 438

Caty's photos 440

Caty's photos 441

Caty's photos 443
Here is the fox photo:

Caty's photos 002

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