Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where’s That Sugar Bowl?

Okay the last few weeks have been crazy, so I will try to be easy on my Mom.
But through the craziness of it all, this is what happened. This took place over three days.
Before I take off on this, I will take a moment to say that in our house after breakfast, for those who want it, we have tea, before we take off for the day.
Day 1:(  Saturday March 3 ) After pouring tea, mom took her cup and dad’s and went off upstairs, after setting mine on the table.  After drinking mine, I proceeded to walk into the kitchen and saw… that. So I went to put the milk back in the refrigerator and saw..  that. So I reversed the picture. And I did not tell mom right then.
Day 2: Sunday (March 4) morning I asked if I could have honey in my tea.
That afternoon, we were going to have tea, and for 2 minutes the only words that were said were, “where is that sugar bowl?”
The honey was on the kitchen counter but where was the sugar bowl?
So I opened the cupboard door and that is what I saw. So WE reversed the picture.
Day 3: ( Monday March 5) And the last but not least of the episodes, is this: before breakfast Mom went downstairs to make tea, and this is what happened: Oh no! Not every one likes sugar in their tea. So we stopped Mom and  the sugar went in the cup.
Fortunately, this week has been a bit better, so far.  Mom has made dinner for two days!

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