Saturday, June 21, 2014

How one family reunion turns into another family's nightmare.

Well, so we got invited to go to a mini family reunion on Moms side of the family, on condition that we bring pie. Well that's not so bad now is it? And it wasn't. In fact I think we all enjoyed ourselves, but going back was not so fun. First it was a Friday afternoon in Toronto, and that means lots of traffic and school kids walking across the road not paying any attention to the pedestrian walking lights. So after getting out of Toronto without hitting any cars or people, (which is kind of amazing), we went to Newmarket to go to Costco... After loading up the van with stuff, we head home. (Now home is another 2 and a half hours away.) A little way out of Newmarket we got to a set of lights. As Dad stepped on the brakes he noticed that the van brakes were not responding as they should. Thinking that this was because the van was packed and heavy, he started slowing down earlier. But that was not it, as we found out a little later... Later, as we stopped at a grocery store in Orangeville, again the brakes did not respond as they should. As we drove through parking lots the brake light came on. We made it to Tim Hortons before Dad said that was enough, and we went and ate dinner. When we came out of the restaurant, we noticed an arc of fluid on the ground, and a puddle next to one of the wheels.  Then we called CAA and a friend. Our friends came to get us, and Dad went with the CAA guy to our house.

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